Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter!

It's been a very busy day around here.

Brad and I got ready early this morning and caught the first service at Church.

After that, it was our first time ever hosting a family Holiday get-together.  I made us a pretty Easter dining table, and Brad grilled salmon.  Everyone in attendance brought a side dish or dessert.  We had 16 people in attendance. 4 more than I'd anticipated.  And minus a mini-breakdown before the guests arrived and a shortage of forks, things went off without a hitch.

Yesterday, Brad and I spent the day preparing.  Cleaning the house and getting the dining room trim in place.  
Tonight, we're both exhausted.  But happy.  And everyone loved our Easter dinner. 

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my baby sister.  Who turns the big 1-9 today!

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