One Hundred

Today marks the beginning of the 100 day countdown.

The big plans are made, and the detail planning is underway. The bridesmaids have a little more direction on dresses.  I have all of my accessories and today I ordered my shoes! Hair and makeup artist is scheduled. Cake is in design process. Honeymoon is booked! And we're counting down 100 DAYS!

The time is flying.  Our six month engagement is half over!!

Brad's kept up with the working out 5 times a week, and he's looking very good.  I, on the other hand, have been a slacker.  I've hurt myself a few times, and have had to take several breaks from exercise to let my puny muscles heal. But I'm running out of time!  Come Monday, I am back on the p90x program.  I'll have just enough time to get through 90 days and still have the last week before the wedding to relax.

Since we're going to Mexico for the honeymoon I've got to make sure my beach body is in perfect summer condition!

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