Kitchen updates

 Two weekends ago, Brad got a wild hair, and decided it was time to repaint the kitchen cabinets. 

The picture above is what the cabinets looked like when I bought the house:  robins egg blue with brass handles.  The brass handles had porcelain centers with blue flowers painted on them.  In other words, it looked like my grandmother picked out the kitchen.

A few months ago, Brad found a sale at Fred Meyer; buy-one-get-one-free on all kitchen hardware.  So we picked out some handles and hinges that we liked, and snatched up a bunch of them. 

We decided that we'd just paint the cabinets all white. The kitchen is the smallest room of the house, and we thought white would brighten up the space, and make it look a little bigger.  Plus, we had enough white paint left over from a previous project.

Brad spent most of the weekend sanding, planing off the edges where the paint had built up, priming and repainting.  

This last Saturday, he and I worked together to get the doors put back on, and get the new handles installed.

We both weren't sure what we thought of the finished product immediately after we were finished.  But over the last few days, it's been growing on us.

He only had time to do a portion of the doors, so half of the kitchen is painted, and half is not.  But I think the new paint makes it look a little happier in there.  It also makes the ugly faux granite counter-top/backsplash look somewhat presentable...though it will be changed in the near future.


  1. Looks great. I'm proud of you guys. You're making good progress.

  2. LOVE it...definitely brightens up the space!

  3. that totally brightens up the kitchen, love it!

  4. Looks wonderful! I think it will open up the kitchen and make it 'feel' like more space. Those new handles are MUCH nicer!!


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