sunny with a chance...

In other places of the world, the weather as a topic of conversation is a boring, fall-back option for small-talk when you're at the bank or when you're very first meeting someone. 

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is a legit conversation topic. Because it changes every 10 minutes. Literally. Last Tuesday it rained, snowed, and was sunny intermittently throughout the day.  When I looked out my office window, I never knew what I would find.

This morning, it was pouring down rain, but this afternoon the sun came out. Miraculously. It's still cold, but at least it's not so wet.

I even got to snap a cute picture of my house with the sun shining overhead.

I read a lot of blogs written by people who live on the east coast, and I'm having a hard time loving my home these days. It's hard to see people's pictures where it's sunny and 80-degrees outside, while it's cold and rainy here.

Today, I was desperate enough to Google the Farmer's Almanac predictions for summer 2012 in Tacoma. It said:

"Summer will be much warmer and slightly drier than normal. The hottest periods will occur in early and late July and early and mid-August."

So far the Almanac's predictions for this year have been correct. I'm holding onto the hope that the predictions for summer are accurate.

I've lived here my whole life, and have only felt desperate for summer weather in the last few years. We've had really rainy/cloudy/cold summers the last couple of years.

I told Brad last year, that if summer evades us one more year, I may have to move to somewhere sunnier...

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