ramble ramble

I forgot to take pictures of Easter dinner at our house.  Forgot or neglected. Of course, I did. I feel weird wandering around taking pictures of events.  And since I've been photographing most things from my phone lately, it seems rude to be toting my iphone around at family get-togethers.

It was a pretty busy weekend. We spent a lot of time driving around. And not nearly enough time outside enjoying the warm sunny weather.  We've had temperatures of over 60-degrees, and no rain for the last 5 days straight.I'm really hoping that spring decides to stick around for a while.

Every year, a group of us takes a trip to Cape Disappointment state park for a weekend of beach camping.  I'm a little bit late in planning this year, but I'm still going to try to make it happen. 

I could definitely use some beach time right about now...

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