most embarrassing

I'm going to share something with you today that's slightly embarrassing.  So you have to promise not to laugh at me, OK? OK.

It was the summer after 9th grade, when I fell in love for the first time. The boy was tall and totally boss with his curly bleach blonde hair and wicked dance moves. I didn't really notice him at first, he was just another boy, nothing special.  And then, I heard him sing.

He was the youngest member of NSYNC at the time.  His name:  Justin Timberlake.  I was head-over-heels for some boy I saw on tv a few times (OK, let's be real, anytime he was on TV, I was watching... AND recording it to watch again later).

His face was plastered all over my bedroom walls, and I talked about him like he was my bestfriend from way back (we were also going to get married, btw).  Like we'd actually had a conversation in real life.

The posters stayed on my bedroom walls until my senior  year of high school when we moved into a new house. Since I would only live there for a year before going away to college, I decided not to put the posters back up.  Instead, I taped/glued them all over a wooden trunk that my grandfather had made for me when I was a little girl. The trunk held all of my stuffed animals from childhood, as well.

When I moved away for college, the trunk stayed behind, and eventually found a place in my parents' basement.

Fast forward to last summer: my dad was cleaning out the garage, and asked that I go and pick up all of the stuff I had left behind.  Brad and I collected the items, and transplanted them to their new home in our basement. Among those items, was my NSYNC covered trunk.

One Friday evening, I was kicked out of my house so that Brad could host a boys' night.  That night, my trunk was discovered, and I received this pic via text...

I don't usually get embarrassed, but I pretty much died that night.  On the spot.

Photo by: John Gleason

Thanks, guys.


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