Rock Island

Last weekend (Memorial Day), Brad and I went camping near Leavenworth, WA with some Tacoma friends (Ruthy, Andy, Kelly and Matt). It was a bit of a last minute camping trip...meaning we started planning just a few weeks before.  When we first started talking about going, I was certain it wasn't going to happen because we didn't reserve a campsite ahead of time. Fortunately, after some research, a campsite was located. One with a great location, cool view, a bathroom, and it didn't take reservations.  Camping was on.

The men went up Thursday night to make sure we could get a spot. And the ladies and I drove up Friday evening after work.  It was a lot of run road-tripping with the girls! Even though we got stuck in traffic on the way up to the mountain pass...and then got a little lost trying to find the campsite.

The campsite was beautiful!  We had a great view of the river, and could easily walk down a little path to the shore (...is it called a shore when it's a river?).

Ruthy and Andy only got to stay one night, unfortunately. So it was just Matt, Kelly, Brad and myself for the rest of the weekend. We went into town on Saturday morning, and then went for a little hike Sunday.  It was a blast!

On our hike, Brad decided he would go barefoot.  He's reading about "Earthing", which has something to do with balancing the electrons in your body with the electrons in the earth...  I don't know, ask him.

The hike was around 4 miles long.  By mile 3, his feet were hurting pretty bad.  Part of the trail was gravel, and he was limping a bit.  To be a good friend, Matt offered to carry him.

That only lasted a little while, though.  Brad is a full-grown man, after-all, so he's not light (no, baby, I'm not calling you fat, you're all muscle and muscle is heavy).

At the end of the weekend, we determined that another camping trip must happen before the summer is over.


  1. omg...i missed matt carrying brad?! awesomeness.

  2. sooo apparently some dude died recently from earthing...stepped on something and he got an infection and died


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