oooops (and Friday Favesies!)

So I've done a crappy job of posting for the last [almost] two weeks.  Woops.  Sorry about that.

I didn't forget  about you I promise. 

But hey, guess what!  It's Friday! I'm pretty excited about it. Brad and I have very few plans for the weekend, and it's the first weekend we haven't been camping or had someone else sleeping in our house in over a month!  It should be quite lovely.  A weekend full of yard-work and sleeping in.  ...I'm mostly excited about the sleeping in.

Here are my favorites for this week:

1.  Turns out, I have somewhat of a green thumb.  This was news to me. When I plant things in the ground, they actually GROW! My Mother-in-Law (MIL) gave me a rhododendron bush for my birthday because I wanted one for our house.  It had been sitting in the pot for a couple of weeks, and with our whether being so hot-and-cold (literally), it had started to get a little droopy. Because we've done zero yard work (or I have done zero yard work, Brad's done some) this year, the flower areas (that's the technical term) in our yard had become a bit overgrown.  And by a bit, I mean a lot. There were weeds everywhere.  So I put on my grubby clothes and got to work clearing it out.  Then I planted the rhodie. And it lived!  It's still there!  ALIVE! and green!

2. This keychain.  It would make the perfect gift for my husband.

3.  This guy.   He's usually my fave. But I thought I'd had him to the list this week.  Ignore the grouchy/grossed-out look on his face.

4. I don't know if you know this about me.  But I'm totally into cats. They're adorable with the perfect amount of independence.  Though that's also what's annoying about them.  Their cute little faces make you want to cuddle on them all the time, but they're all like, "No. I will acknowledge you when I want to. Be gone, peasant!"

So that's it.  I realize most of my favorites are not on the internet.  I'll work on that for next week.


  1. um...can you help keep our plants alive too? :) lets do something crafty this weekend!


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