Old Lady

Yesterday, Elliott turned 7 months old.

In the last month, she's learned to pose for photos (the above photo, I said her name, and she lowered her giraffe, and turned to face me with that smile on her face.  she did it twice in a row 'cause the first pic was blurry.)

She's rolling both ways now, and sitting on her own.  She's also, using her own phone, and saying "mama" (though I'm fairly certain she's not talking about or to me). She will also stand on her own (while holding onto something) if we prop her up; she's just starting to try to pull up on things.

She's slept through the night (7pm to 7am) the last 3 out of 5 nights, and she takes 1 long nap a day and 2 shorter ones.

She's started to show her sense of her humor more (she laughed at her own farts the other day), and is eating solid foods.  We hope to start her on table foods in the next few days. 

She's the sweetest little lady.

I just took all of the 3 month clothes out of her drawers and replaced them with 6-month onesies and 9-month pants. Girl's got long legs. And I cry when I think about how fast this year is going. 

I keep trying to bargain with her to get her to stay my sweet little baby forever and ever.  

And ever.


  1. Oh she is just precious! Seriously adorable.

    I just changed out some of Micah's clothes too - they are growing up way too fast! If you figure out how to slow it down, let me in on the secret!

  2. Oh my. She's turning into a perfect young lady, though. And you can't cry over that. She's perfect. :)


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