Be Rad

I thought I'd take a moment to talk about my husband, and how awesome he is.

Aside from being a good daddy to our Elliott, he is very handy around the house.

A few weeks ago, I asked for a desk.  I'd planned on thrifting one, and painting it or something, but when I brought it up he said he'd build one for me.  I was thinking it'd be just a basic desk, you know, legs and a table top, but Brad doesn't like to have ugly things in our house.

So he built this:

The drawer in the desk, is actually fake. If you pull on the handle, the whole front actually folds down to reveal a shelf that's the length of the the desk.

Very fancy.  I love it.

Also, about a month ago, Brad went on a trip for work to Chicago, and was able to visit a friends while he was there.  He came back with this:

Nail polish is a weekness of mine.  Nearly everytime I go to Target, I buy a new color...  But usually not Essie brand, because it's more money.  Well, the friend Brad was visiting has an aunt that works for Maybelline.  And Brad was able to pick these out for me. Not only is it an awesome good for me gift, but these are perfect colors!  Especially the coppery one.  Hello, Fall!

Basically, he's the best.


  1. Oh, he is the best! And I can't believe he built that desk. That thing is amazing and gorgeous!

  2. Great looking desk! I might be ordering more furniture soon... :)

  3. The desk is beautiful, and how fun to have that special meaning behind it rather than a store-bought piece.

    PS - I love the nail polish colors, especially the one of the far right. I never buy the Essie brand either, but they would be fun to get as a gift!

  4. A clever man. It's time to clone him!


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