OK, this Etsy obsession of mine is getting out of hand.

A week or so ago, I made the mistake of signing up for the Daily Finds email.  Which means, not only do I get an email full of all of the amazing handmade and vintage items on the site that I wouldn't otherwise find, I also have an excuse to visit Etsy.com and add more things to my favorites list...or buy them...depending on how my bank account is feeling that day. 

Today's Daily Finds email is, of course, being as it is St. Patrick's Day, full of all things green.  The very first thing featured is this:


And it may be the coolest thing I have ever seen....EVER.  I am a total sucker for a unique journal or notebook.  I've kept a journal/diary since I could write, pretty much. I have dozens full of all of the most embarrassing stories from my childhood. ...Documentation that proves just how much of a Drama Queen, Boy Crazy, weirdo I was throughout Junior High and High School.  Way to go, Me.

I sent the link to this amazing creation to Brad and he told me I've been spending too much money lately (which is very true), and I shouldn't buy it... 

Ugh. Fine.  BUT LOOK HOW COOL IT IS!!!!  Freakin' boys. So logical. 

It would make an excellent Birthday present for me, I told him.  And my birthday is coming up...in two months....

The following items were also in the Daily Finds email...and I want them...


Emerald Green Georgette Skirt

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