Family Dynamics

This is my family.

(This  picture is a few years old now, but it's one of the only ones I have with all five of us.)

I am the oldest child.  My two little sisters both moved to Oregon for college, where one is just a freshman now, and the other have graduated from Portland State University and is currently working for a world famous technology company.

The youngest is currently home from college for Spring Break.  Her birthday is in just over a week, but since she'll be back to school by then, My parents and I (and her, of course) went out to dinner as an early birthday celebration.

As we were sitting there, the sister said she wondered what mine and Brad's kids will look like. And that got us onto the talk of baby names....not that babies are even a thought at this point.  We still have to walk down the aisle!

My sister's a bit of a weirdo, so she named off a long list of unconventional baby names (as jokes). My mother, being so innocent, said, "Why can't you just name your babies something normal?   Like BJ." My sister and I looked at each other, and my Dad busted out laughing.

"Yeah...BJ." I said. "And his younger sibling could be HJ."

Mom didn't get it. But Dad laughed so hard his face turned bright red and he looked like he was going to choke on his dinner.

Sister and I laughed so hard I teared up.

Mom sat for a few minutes glancing at all of our faces, looking confused.

Finally after 2 or so minutes, Mom said, "OH!  You guys!!  That is obviously not where my mind was!"

And she laughed so hard she cried. (She does that a lot.)

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