Photo Ops

Today has not been a good day.  I am terribly glad it's Friday and more than ready for the weekend.

For the last hour or so, I haven't had much going on at my desk.  So I've been thinking of ways to be more creative in during my not-at-work time.

Last weekend I downloaded a new photography app for my iphone that gives me the ability to edit the photos I take with my phone, which drastically improves the look of them.  (iphone camera = not the greatest.  Get on it, Apple.)  Since then I've decided that I need to take more pictures. If anything, so that the money I spent on that app does not go to waste.

I pass numerous photo-worthy landscapes/scenes everyday; on my commute, in my yard, in my house, I just need to pull out my camera/phone and hit the shutter button. 

My mission, for the month of April (but starting tomorrow)  is to take one photo a day.  And post it here. I may not do one post everyday, but I will post a photo for everyday...make sense?

If I fail, there will be consequences... but I'll have to think of something....

Here's one for the road...because I love her:

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