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This weekend was a busy one for Brad and me.

On Friday, after work, we had dinner with some friends at their house (DELICIOUS food!), and on Saturday we set to work (finally) repainting the dining room.  When I was on my first round of painting madness, I started to paint the dining room a golden/brown color.  Once it was on the walls, it was the same color as newborn baby poop.  I stopped painting halfway, and it has sat half-painted for the last 3 months.

After talking it over with Brad, we decided we'd try blue.  He normally hates blue. So I couldn't figure out where this suggestion was coming from.  He said the room told him it wanted to be blue...  Um, Ok. Blue it is.

We decided, instead of an entirely blue room, we would do a chair rail with blue above, and regular old white below.

The trim is still at the store, but will be purchased and place next Saturday morning.

We went with a lighter blue thinking it would look darker than we thought (because that had been our problem with all of the other paint colors), but blue is blue.  And we both agree we could've gone with a slightly darker shade of blue and been happy with the results.  

One more room done to check off the list... with a hallway, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, and a basement to go!

It took two days to finish painting and get all of the furniture back where it belonged. And sometime during the process, I managed to sprain my right shoulder. How? I do not know.  Apparently, I am so weak that I can sprain myself just by moving my arm up and down. Same way I hurt my neck a month ago. I moved.

Yet again, I'm a gimp who has an excuse not to work out. Though, it's not really an excuse I want.  While I like my sleep in the mornings, I'm running out of time before the wedding and our trip to Mexico!  Gotta get back on the train to Beachbody-ville.

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