This is Kitty.  (Yes, that is her name. She answers to it.)
She is 10 years old this year.  She joined our family when I was a Junior in High School (I think).  Kitty is not her given name. When she was a kitten, we tried to think of creative names for her.  Because she's cute and deserves a cute name. My dad came up with Flatchy...short for flatulence. She had a bit of a gas problem, which she has since grown out of.  Somehow, that became her official name.  But my sister's and I always called her Kitty, because Flatchy is gross. 

When I bought my house last fall, my mom asked if I'd like to have Kitty as my new roommate.  Since I was planning to adopt a cat from the shelter anyway, I said sure, and Kitty moved in the next day. 

She likes...
staring out of the window
trying to call to the birds by clicking at them (she does it to flies too)
sitting in my lap
watching tv
and sucking on earlobes

She dislikes...
and crunchy food

She's very good at Jeopardy, sneak-attacking on her jingle ball toy, and finding sunny window spots on the carpet to nap on.

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