I have a very cute husband.  I would even venture to say the cutest. Ever.  I'm sure most women think that about their husbands, but it's really true in my case.  He's adorable.  And the best part is, he has no idea.

I took this picture of him last May.  We were having lunch at a cafe on Vashon Island.  We'd stayed overnight at an Inn on the island.  It's my favorite picture of him. 

He has a hard time actually looking happy in pictures (his smile doesn't reach his eyes for some reason), so in order to not look like a psycho in photos, he fake laughs.  Every single time. He discovered this trick sometime over the last year, but really put it into effect during our engagement photo session.  

He kept telling me I was giggly...  how could I not be with him forcefully going,  "HA...HA...HAHAHAHAHA!" in my ear every 5 seconds?

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  1. awww...he is a cutie! my husband hates that word...he prefers manly, or sexy. :)

    I'd love to get together some time!


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