Pumkin Bread

I find myself strangely drawn to homemaking tasks during the weekends.

Last weekend, I spent Sunday afternoon baking chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  At first, the combination of chocolate and pumpkin didn't sound very appetizing. But after a massive trip to the grocery store Sunday morning, I decided to give the chocolate-pumpkin a go. 

It is so delicious!  I've had a piece every morning for breakfast.  Pair it with coffee and it's the perfect before (or at) work way to start the day!

The recipe I had made 3 loaves, so even though we finished one off this morning, there are still two more loaves waiting in the freezer.

I think next weekend, I'll make a trip to the craft store for yarn and a new crochet hook (i lost my old one).  I've got a pattern for a cowl neck that I've been wanting to try!

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