The weekend and a slouchy hat

This month, Brad and I have quite a few weekends with no plans (at least not yet). This weekend was one of those. Our big plans for the weekend included a trip to the craft store on Saturday. And that was Brad's plan, I only tagged along.

On Friday night we had a few friends over for dinner. I made baked potatoes, which totally felt like a cop-out dinner to me when guests are involved.  But the pregnant lady (NOT me!!) wants what the pregnant lady gets; which was starch.  And salad.  ...And also a not very clean bathroom...gross. Sorry, guys! 

After our guests left, Brad and I retired to the den to watch a few hours of Downton Abbey (yes, we've now jumped on that bandwagon.  Though we're still early enough in the first season that I have very little clue as to what is actually happening...).   While watching the show, I started to crochet a slouchy hat.

I found the hat pattern on ravelry.com.  Which, if you haven't heard of it, is a pretty sweet social network for all things knit and crochet.

I love making hats.  They're so quick, and really very easy.  This one could be a little slouchier, but it still turned out pretty cute.  I might do another one later to add more "slouch."

Here's a link to the pattern: Crochet hat pattern


  1. phenomenal!! i wish i could crochet. i have an idea. we'll let the men play video games and you can teach me how to make a hat and we'll eat delicious foods. ok?


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