Sunday was Elliott's first birthday. It's hard to believe I have a 1-year old.

The last few weeks having been challenging, as a mother.  She is crawling like crazy, but dying to walk.  She knows a few signs, but wants to talk.

Her favorite activity is whining.  And suddenly, in the last two weeks she has become a crier.  Not just slight whiny cries either, but full-on screaming cries with giant crocodile tears.

She used to never cry. Ever.

We're also in the throws of separation/stranger anxiety.  If you're not mom or dad (or maybe grandma) you better not touch her unless you want to get screamed at.  I'm pretty sure she swore at her pediatrician yesterday, in baby-talk.

At the same time, she's also been the most fun. 

When she's in a good mood, she's super happy and chatty.  She gives big hugs and sweet kisses, and will look right into your eyes and give you the biggest gummiest smile you've ever seen.

She is daddy's princess, and squeals with delight whenever she hears his keys in the door each evening.

Despite the hardships of this age, I am so in-love with my girl.  She is a beautiful soul with big brown eyes to match. 


  1. she has gotten so big and so incredibly cute. :) the tantrums are awful and they get worse! lol or at least my daughters ones are like end of the world fits.

  2. She is sooo beautiful! Happy one year Elliott!

    That last picture, such a sassy pants :)

  3. Happy 1st birthday E!

    (And you are in good company - Micah is in the whining/crying/screaming phase and he wasn't too thrilled with his pediatrician yesterday either! haha!)

  4. Oh my bugs, I love you guys so much!


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