our current house

I have learned two things about myself in the last month of my life. 

In all honesty, they're things I already kind of knew.  But in the last 30 or so days they've been like, "Hellooooo, this is me."  (Marcel the Shell?  Anyone?)

1)  I am not a patient person.

2) I get very anxious when I don't get my way right now, right now, RIGHT NOW.

Recently, Brad and I decided we might want to move.  We love our little house, but our neighborhood is kind of crummy/scary.  And our house is little (like I just mentioned). The cat is taking up too much room, I tell you.  We need more space!

I can't remember exactly when we started looking, but it feels like forever ago.  In reality it was probably just 4 weeks ago...if that.  We've looked at a ton of homes (OK, maybe only like 10 or 15). Fixers, move-in-readies, beautifully re-done homes with absolutely no yards (there were several of these.  Why don't people like yards!?).  And then there were the homes that had one or two things on our wishlist, but were missing something major, or just weren't quite right. We'd even seen a few that I totally loved, but Brad wasn't into them.  And then I was ready to give up.  Because, hey there, I'm impatient. And he needs to make up his freakin' mind already!

We almost settled on one a couple of weeks ago.  It had a massive yard, the house was nicely remodeled, and the master bedroom and bath and closets were TO DIE FOR.  But the main floor was laid out really weird, and the main living areas were small.

Then there was a minor glitch in our plans, and we decided to take a break from the house hunting.  (Very minor. Like, basically a non-issue.  But we decided it was enough of an excuse to not buy that house.)

And then last week, I found it. The house. The pictures on the listing were weird.  The square footage listed in the add was HUGE but the pictures made the house look really small and awkward.  I told my mom (she's our real estate agent) that we wanted to see it anyway.

On Friday night after work, we went to check it out.  And you guys. It's perfect!  It needs a little cleaning and sprucing up, but we're prepared for that, and are super stoked.

We put in an offer on Saturday... and found out we're in competition.  Boo.  I hate when people try to take my things.

We made some adjustments, and are hoping to hear something tonight or tomorrow.  It's a short sale so it has to be approved by the bank. Which means it could be a while till we hear anything. Banks take forever. But I'm impatient, so hurry up, bank!

I am SO ANXIOUS!  And nervous.  Tell me now!!! Did we get it!?!


  1. We're rootin' for you. Hope this is the one.

  2. Hurry up and Wait!! I HATE that! :)

    Good good GOOD luck!! Hope you get it!

    and ps, I am soo with you. Why don't people want yard!!? Well. I think it was the damn greedy developers that made homes without yards. What the H.


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