Officially Announced

You want to know something that is so freakin' super, crazy, weird, exciting, terrifying, funny, serious, and absolutely bonkers all at the same time?

Do you?

There is a human growing inside of my body.  RIGHT NOW.

Brad and I have a variety of emotions on the topic.  We go from being "holy crap we're gonna be parents this is so super fun!" excited, to being like, "holy crap...God is trusting us with tiny people?  we're gonna screw them up," terrified.

But mostly we're excited.

I begin my 2nd Trimester on Sunday, and have my 1st official appointment with my midwife on Monday morning, bright and early.  During which, we'll get to hear the little baby's heartbeat.

We've already seen her/him dancing around in there during my ultrasound a few weeks ago.  Seriously, dancing, baby's got moves. S/he's either going to be a dancer, or a kickboxer. Either way there's a good chance my insides will be pulverized by the end of this 9 month period. Baby would not sit still.

That's the secret I said I had. Obvi.

That also probably explains a little more why we want to move out of our little cat-filled house (we only have 1 cat...) and not-so-safe neighborhood.

I'm going to have so much more to say now that I can talk about it! We'll be preparing our new house (which is still up in the air, but looking positive), preparing a nursery (AH!), and mentally and emotionally preparing ourselves to be parents (AAAAHH!!!).

Baby Smith at 8 weeks


Thanks for following along with me! I love your encouragement and feedback!