A letter

Dear Me,

In less than 6 (short) months, you will be responsible for another life.  Another human life.  This is a very important job. You will need to keep the baby alive by feeding it and loving it and changing it and keeping it warm.  Also, stop calling baby “it.” 

Right now, it is easy to look around you at strangers in restaurants and grocery stores and think, “if that were my kid, I’d…”

Stop being so judge-y.  You might think you know what you would do, but in a few short months you will definitely be changing your tune. Babies/children are people with their own free will, and they will out stubborn you every time. So don’t get too cocky, Ms. I don’t have kids yet. 

Along these same lines, do what you think is best. Listen to other mother’s advice, and then decide which options are best for your family. No one else will be the mother of your children. What worked for them might not work for you. Also, remember this when your friends are having kids:  What worked for you might not work for them. Don’t be offended if/when they don’t take your advice.

Don’t forget who you are now. Babies will change you, that’s for sure, but don’t get so wrapped up in running their little lives that you forget about your own.  You still have a husband to take care of and your marriage is important. It’s important to you, but it’s also extremely important to your children. Your marriage relationship will define all of their romantic relationships for the rest of their lives. And your relationship will continue to define theirs (in good or bad ways) even after they’ve grown up and gotten married themselves. You are forever their example.  Be partners, always. Because when the kids are grown up and they leave you, he’s what you’ve got left. And, really, he’s the only family member you will ever get to pick out for yourself. Don’t forget why you chose him.

Speaking of reasons you chose him, you know he will be a good dad. Let him help you! We all know how you can be; if someone’s not doing it your way, they’re not doing it the right way.  Chill out! He wants to help you! And he won’t break the baby. He helped you make it, he should help you raise it.

Lastly, but most important, PRAY.  Always. God gave you this baby to take care of. Ask Him what he wants you to do. He knows better and sees the ending. He will keep your family together if you seek Him first. 

I know I sound bossy, but I think these are important things to remember.  Also, learn new things.  ‘Cause, hey, I might think I know now, but really…do i?


baby Brad
baby Carlee
We're either going to have the cutest child ever, or the weirdest looking one....


  1. it will be the cutest. for sure. ;)

    I love how you told yourself to Chill out! I need to tell myself that sometimes too. :)


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