little life

Yesterday morning we had our follow-up ultrasound to see Baby Girl. At our 20-week appointment, she would only face toward my back and not roll over. The midwives office wanted to get a front view of her heart and other organs, and since she wasn't cooperative they wanted to do a follow-up just to make sure everything was fine.

And it was!

We even got a good view of her cute little profile.

 She's measuring normal, 24 weeks in every part of her body.  Except her arms and legs, which are measuring at 26 weeks.  Already tall and gangly like her mother.

little legs and feet
I can't believe we've got just over 15 weeks to go until we meet our little one!  We're so excited!!


  1. Oh man...already starting to cry!

  2. so glad she was cooperative this time! :) isn't it so fun to get to see them?!


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