29 weeks

Ignore my "Monday Morning" face, please.  I overslept this morning, was late for work, and took this photo while half-running out of the door.

I had my glucose test last week to check for Gestational Diabetes.  They make you fast overnight, then you have to drink this thing that's basically simple syrup, and then they take your blood 3 times.  In the same arm.  It hurt. The drink wasn't as bad as I'd heard it could be, though.  Apparently lemon-lime is the best flavor, so keep that in mind, folks, if you're ever planning to be pregnant. Also, be prepared to be completely wiped out and feel crappy the rest of the day.  Straight sugar on an empty stomach makes you feel nasty.

The mid-wives' office said they would call the next day if anything seemed off.  I got no phone call, so I've been eating cookies all weekend.  Not really. I ate other stuff too. Like sushi.

After last week's appointment, I am now on an every 2 weeks schedule.  Meaning I go for check ups twice as often. Which is exciting because it means we're getting closer. And because it means more reason to miss half-days of work. Woot!

This week, Baby is: about 3 pounds, but it depends on which one of my iphone apps you ask.

How far along?: 29 weeks, 1 day

Due date: March 3, 2013

Maternity clothes?  yes.  And even my maternity tank tops are starting to look a little short in the front.  This girl is grrooooowwwing (baby, not me).

Sleep:  It's hit or miss.  Still waking up every night to pee, but it's been easier to get back to sleep.  And leg cramps keep happening. Boo.

Best moment this week: Passing the glucose test. I do not have GD and will not have a gigundo baby, so husband, you can stop worrying about my nutritional intake.  I've got this. We are HEALTHY!

Movement:  Starting to slow down a little.  Less kicks and more roll-type movements.  Because she's running out of womb! (get it?)

Food cravings: sweet stuff. Like always.  No weird foods. No pickles.  Not even ice cream. Just chocolate, mostly.

Symptoms: the occasional leg cramp, back aches, general discomfort, but nothing bad.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? Still in.

Feeling toward Pregnancy: Getting slightly bored with pregnancy.  Excited to meet my baby!

What I miss: being able to move! (still true)

What I am looking forward to: Seeing her sweet little face.  And painting the nursery soon!

Milestones: In the last month I've gained very little weight.  This makes me excited. Hope I keep up that pattern!


  1. i was gonna say you look fab...it doesn't look like you've gained anything...just a round lil belly! I CANNOT WAIT FOR HER TO JOIN THE WORLD!!

  2. Yay for passing your glucose test!


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