Christmas Cookies

cookies.  not ornaments.

I'm not great at DIYs.  Generally, the DIYs I find via Pinterest, and decide to try, turn out poorly. However, this is not the case with recipes. Man, I rock recipes.

I don't know if it's luck, or if I'm just really good at following directions, but so far the majority of recipes I've tried via Pinterest have been pretty dang tasty.

I found this recipe on Pinterest several weeks ago, and knew I had to make them for Christmas treats.  Plus, I had cute cookie cutters to use, leftover from my failed attempt at clay ornaments.

This weekend, after going to sleep at 9:30 on Friday night (crazy nights in our house, I tell ya), battling the mall all day on Saturday to complete our Christmas shopping, then cleaning the kitchen, and mopping the new hardwoods, I decided Saturday night was the perfect night to make these cookies.  My feet and back screamed otherwise, but I ignored them.  What's 10 more minutes of standing when a tasty, frosted cookie is your reward?

After reading the directions first (lesson learned!), I realized that no cookies would actually be had on Saturday night (the dough has to chill for a couple hours before cutting into shapes). But I continued anyway.

The dough was pretty easy to assemble, even with my lack of stand-mixer. ...or hand-mixer, for that matter.  I make my cookies the old-fashioned way. With a bowl and wooden spoon. And then I reward myself with plenty of cookie dough snacks. The dough for these cookies was DELICIOUS!

I didn't get around to baking these until Sunday afternoon, but as promised on the recipe they came out super soft, despite my potentially over-chilling them.  

They're not the sweetest cookie on the block, but since you frost them it all works out.

Brad even helped me decorate them. And of course he helped me eat a few.

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