As of Sunday, I am 34 weeks pregnant. That means there are less than 6 weeks until this baby girl's due date. How nuts is that!? 

I've been much more emotional lately. I blame that on the fact that I constantly have to go to the bathroom.  Seriously.  All the time.  I go to the bathroom; turn to wash my hands; have to pee again.  And I think this makes me more prone to tears. And also fears.

I have been thinking a lot more lately about things that could go wrong, and how my life will change once she's here.  I'm anxious and nervous a lot of the time, but the excitement definitely outweighs those feelings. I really can't wait to see her sweet little face, and to finally give her a name. 

Last week, REI had an amazing deal on a BOB stroller.  You order the stroller and you got a Britax infant carseat FOR FREE!  I maybe should have mentioned this before the sale was over, but...um...sorry. I didn't. 

Anyway... we ordered one!  I picked up the car seat from the store on Monday. Despite the fact that we have several other items for baby scattered around the house, for some reason, this car seat makes it seem way more real. We can now transport her in the car! So, like, bring her home after she's born.

Today has been a day full of preparations and paperwork for me.  I've spent this afternoon looking for pediatricians, filing insurance forms, and updating my baby registry.  There's a lot of paperwork that comes with tiny people.

This morning we had our 34-week check-up with my midwives' office, and it went fabulously.  Baby has resumed her head-down position (she was breech 2 weeks ago), her heart beat sounds great, and I lost 3 pounds! I'm not sure how, but it's awesome. And I received praise from my midwife about how great my weight-gain looks.  Hey-ooo! 


  1. Yay for being head-down again!

    I wonder who will come first - your girl or my boy. It will be fun to see :)

    1. And ps - I am a bit jealous of your Britax (in an, aren't you lucky? kind of way) :)

      That was my top choice but they are nowhere to be found here in Guate.

  2. Yah for having the baby being heads down! I lost a little weight too at the end because it was soo hard to eat anything because I was so big. lol :)

    Love the BOB! I have an orange one.


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