Last week, my mom and I took Elliott on her first road trip.

My youngest sister, Kaelyn, is going to school at Oregon State University, and she's been begging me to bring her niece down for a visit.

It's funny, Kaelyn used to not like babies.  When I told her I was pregnant, she said, "weird." Umm....thanks, sister.  And when my sister came to visit us in the hospital on Ellie's birthday, she wouldn't even hold the baby.

She came back the next day and held Ellie for the first time.  And that's when she fell in love.

Now Kaelyn tells me when she sees cute babies somewhere. Anytime Kaelyn is around, I am not allowed to hold my own child.  Unless, Ellie needs to nurse or have a diaper change or something.

Really, how could you not love this little face?  Aunt Kaelyn never stood a chance.


  1. omg...how old is your sister? she looks so young!

    1. 22. She's the baby. My other sister is 28.


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