Baby's First Pumpkin Patch

Last week, my brother-in-law sent out an email suggesting we take a family trip to the Pumpkin Patch. So on Sunday, we went.

In his email, Eric demanded that Elliott be dressed as a pumpkin. We didn't have anything on hand, but fortunately, a good friend of Ellie's offered to let us borrow her pumpkin hoodie.  

It was a cold day on Sunday, so we bundled Ellie up in blankets and fuzzy shoes and mittens and set off for the farm.

It was JAM packed at the farm, and there were long lines for everything. We actually didn't buy any pumpkins there, because the check-out line was so long, but we did get lots of pictures of our pumpkin with pumpkins.  

And we also did the corn maze.

Elliott wasn't amused, but it was my first time doing a corn maze too, and I loved it.

photo by Uncle Eric
After the pumpkin patch we went back to my in-laws for pizza and roasted pumpkin seeds.  

It was a long day with a missed nap or two, but it was a lot of fun!  

We're already talking about doing it again next year.


  1. Sometimes missing naps is worth it - your little pumpkin is a cutie!


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