Having a baby changes your body.


Note, I did not say it ruins your body.  Because it doesn't. I think in a lot of ways, my body is better than ever.  But then I've got this belly I didn't have before.

It's fine, really.  This fat pad was protecting my baby-cake for 9 months. It did an excellent job of keeping her padded, safe, and warm. That's a pretty amazing thing.

However, now, nearly 9 months later, I'm ready for it to go away.

Nursing Elliott has helped a lot, but there's this last 10 pounds that is refusing to budge.

In an effort to lose the pounds and healthify these bods, Brad and I have decided to start eating paleo.

We're not going to be super strict with it.  We don't eat a lot of dairy or legumes as it is, so we don't see a need to cute those out completely.

We're also not going to be SUPER strict on weekends. Sometimes, date night requires a burger and fries, knowwhatImean?

However, we do generally eat a lot of grains and sugar.  Because I bake.  And that is what baking is made of.

So starting yesterday, we've cut out grains and sugar, and I've been cooking paleo recipes.

I found this website the other day, paleomg.com.  The girl is freakin' awesome.  So many delicious-looking paleo baked goods.  I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins last night, and they are to die for.  Brad couldn't believe they're paleo.

If all paleo baked good recipes are like this.  I think we might actually succeed at this thing.

Has anyone else done paleo?  How'd it go for you?  Feel free to share any recipes you loved...

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  1. I did Paleo to loose the weight and when I stopped nursing I lost 10 pounds just like that. Sometimes I think your body needs to hold on to a certain amount for the breast feeding. There are a ton of really great Paleo recipes out there- and I have a fantastic pumpkin muffin recipe if your interested :)


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