On Saturday, my lady love turned eight months old. Her little personality is showing more and more every day, and she is my favorite.

This month, she's started to wave hello/goodbye and shake her head 'no.'  She's eating pureed foods, but has been showing a lot of interest in food from our plates.  The only reason she hasn't had much yet is because her parents are paranoid that she will choke to death.  Though she has successfully eaten pear and cauliflower on her own.

She is a very social little lady who loves to smile and chat with her baby friends and grandparents.

Her sleep is all or nothing. She sleeps through the night, or she's up every 3 hours.  There is no in between.

She is not crawling yet, and seems to show no interest in it.  If placed on her tummy, she instantly rolls to her back.  She'd rather sit or stand up to play with her toys. I suspect she may skip crawling altogether.

We bought her a little push truck this weekend, and she can't get enough of it.  She's great at balancing on it and pushing herself around the living room.

I seriously love being her mama. It is the best job I have ever had.


  1. Oh, and steering this little truck/car around the house will help to build up her legs, in prep for her Big day!


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