new camera

For the last 5-10 years, the number one spot on my Christmas List has been a DSLR camera. You know, the cameras that run for no less than $600.  It was never a surprise when it wasn't under the tree.

This year, I finally gave up the dream.  I left it off the list, and decided that if I really wanted one I would just have to save up for it.

But then....Christmas morning came.  I opened a gift from my sister, and there it was.  A Canon EOS Rebel SL1. What.  WHAT!?!?

It is awesome.

I've been taking pictures like crazy the last 10ish days.  I'm still getting the hang of how it works, and haven't even touched the Manual setting yet, but look...  These pictures are amazing!

I still can't even believe it!

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  1. OMG! So excited for you! That is how I felt when I got mine last year. I am still obsessed with it! Best gift ever!

    Enjoy ... these pictures are beautiful!!


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