Michelle put our engagement photos online today. I was so excited that I kind of forgot what I'm here to do... at work, you know, WORK.

So for the last 4 or so hours, I've nearly mastered the art of multitasking. (I read in a book that multitasking doesn't really exist, but whatever. I'm so doing it!)

They came out so great! Michelle did an excellent job of capturing us without Brad's creepy eyes, and me with my mouth closed (which is hard since I talk most of the time).

I've posted some of my favorites on Facebook. There's so many good ones (and the files are GINORMOUS). It's going to take me forever to save them all to my computer. And I will save them all!

Our next step is to pick one for our save-the-date announcements. Becky (Brad's sister-in-law) has them nearly completed except for the photo. So we just need to stick one of us in there, and get them printed. This weekend will be another weekend full of wedding things; printing and addressing cards and doing our gift registry.

Fun fun fun!

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