Thursday Morning

Like any normal Thursday morning, I got up, got dressed, packed my lunch, and headed for the train station. Uneventful. As usual.  The train ride was also nothing special.

Upon arriving to Seattle, I hopped on the lightrail in the bus tunnel to take me the 2 miles north to my office. Today, I brought along a stack of Save-The-Date cards to put in the mail. The Post Office is just across the street from my office building, so I decided to run through there on my way into work this morning.

I found the slot labeled "stamped letters" and set to work depositing my postcards. A stack of 100 or so postcards would not fit into the slot, so I had to split the stack into smaller stacks. I was carrying two purses (one of which is my lunch purse. it's insulated. keeps my food cold), a water bottle, and the stack of slippery postcards.  As I went to deposit the first stack of cards, I noticed that the card slot tilted up, I assume so as not to bend any letters.  The slippery post cards did not want to go up and stay in, so I had to push them in further, sticking my fingers nearly all the way into the slot.

After getting the cards to drop into the box, I went to remove my hand.  Except I couldn't remove my hand. My ring was caught.

I was standing in the Post Office, with my left hand full of purses and slippery post cards, and my right hand stuck in the outgoing mail slot.

The postcards tried to dive to the floor, but I recovered my grip on them before any were able to escape.

I stood there for a minute and tried to figure out what to do. My left hand was full, so I couldn't use it to unhook my ring and free my right hand. I would have to jiggle it free.   Thankfully, I was able to spin my ring, and the mail slot released my hand.

All this before anyone else noticed that I'd been trapped.

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