Brad has officially booked our Honeymoon!

We'll be staying here...

An all-inclusive Resort called the Cozumel Palace in (where else) Cozumel, MX.  I am jumping out of my skin excited!

The place has received rave reviews online, and the pictures look incredible!

All of our food and beverages (alcoholic and non) are included, as well as some activities.  We also have access to all of the other Palace Resorts in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Isla Mujeres, and they're covered in our cost!  At the place we'll be staying there's all kinds of restaurants and bars that are included in our price.  There's even a swim-up bar in the pool!

As honeymooners we'll get a ton of other free stuff as well.  A cake, champagne, breakfast in bed, late check-out, etc.

When we were originally looking at prices, we were thinking we'd like to leave the day after the wedding.  But the only flights that go out are Red Eye flights. So that would mean we'd be leaving at midnight the night of our Wedding.  Brad told me today that it'd actually save us money if we left the next night. Which is A-OK by me.  I'd love to sleep in my own bed after that crazy long wedding day.  So it's an extra perk that it saves us a couple hundred dollars to leave on a very early Monday morning (12:55am).

Cannot. Wait.

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