It is amazing how a positive work life can impact everything else.

For the last year of my life, I was spending my days in a job where I was tense, and concerned over my job security. I would commute 1 and 1/2 hours each way, and when I would get home at night, I would be exhausted.  All I felt like doing was collapsing on the couch.  I didn't realize until being out of that situation, that I was depressed.  I lived for the weekend, and they always went by too fast.

After starting my new job last week, I feel much more relaxed and positive during the day.  And when I get home at night, I have a ton of energy. The people here are more positive and relaxed and secure, and it makes all of the difference in the world. I'm now ready to take on new challenges, and am contemplating taking a few classes (a FREE perk of working on a college campus!!).

Also, since I've started commuting by bicycle, I'm remembering how much I used to love riding as a kid.  Last weekend I made Brad take a bike ride with me, and I wanted to ride on Sunday, too.  We've been having gorgeous Fall weather around here, and I love that I get to get out everyday and see the leaves turning colors.

Brad made a comment yesterday how it's nice to see me happy again.  I didn't realize how much a toll that awful job had taken.  I really feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me, and it's nice to be smiling again.

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