My Hair - a poll

I am having a dilemma.  A hair dilemma.

Growing up I always had super long, giant, curly hair.  And I never knew what to do with it. Middle School was awkward, but then again when ISN'T middle school awkward?

Finally, after 22 years of battling the beast, just weeks before my 23rd Birthday, I chopped it all off.

It may have been the best hair decision I've ever made.  I didn't cry during my hair appointment, like I thought I would, and when it was all said and done, I'd never felt more like myself.

But now it's been 6 years, and minus 2 attempts at growing it out (one for my wedding, and the morning we left for our honeymoon, it was chopped again), I've kept it short.

I decided last January that I wanted to grow it out again. I always think I want long hair so that I have more options each morning, and so I can play with different hair styles.  But you know what my go-to hairstyle is?  The pony tail.  And while pony tails are all fine and dandy, if I'm constantly pulling my hair off of my face, why wouldn't I just cut it so it is naturally always off of my face?

It's currently at a state of almost-grown-out-but-not-quite.  In a few more months it would be shoulder length if I just let it be (probably by the time baby gets here).  And it's about this time that I always get sick of it and go crying to my stylist telling her "just chop it all off!"

So here's where I need your help.  Do I go back to short?  Because, let's face it, it's who I am.  A no fuss, easy maintenance, roll-out-of-bed-ready type of girl...at least with my hair.  Do I let it grow really long and rock the curls?  Do I grow it to chin or shoulder length and straighten it all the time?? 

I've created a poll below.  Please vote.  I need help. 

The options:

ignore the face.  it was the only one i could find where my hair wasn't in a pony tail!


  1. You'll want something easy when baby gets here. I too, rock the ponytail. I have ever since Vance got here. I think about going short, but that's not my look. My hair will probably be in a ponytail until he's 18.

  2. Your hair looked pretty long.. but honestly, if you can rock the short hair (which you totally have) I'd say do it. Blow drying is probably the worst part of my day, for realz.

  3. i love your hair. If i had the face for short hair i'd chop mine too...because it's always in a bun anyway!

  4. love your super short hair! do what's easiest and most natural for you... especially with that baby on the way!


Thanks for following along with me! I love your encouragement and feedback!