3 weeks

Elliott is 3 weeks old today. Here are some highlights from the last week:

1. We had our 2 week well baby checkup and all is happy and healthy. She weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz. which is her birth weight plus 5 oz. Yay!! The doctor said that since she is gaining weight so well (about 1 oz per day) she is OK to sleep through a feeding. Now I just need to convince her that the 3am feeding is no longer necessary...

2. We received her social security card in the mail!! ...and they spelled her first name wrong (Elliot... We want 2 T's). We were going to just ignore it and start spelling her name to match her SS card but her insurance card has it spelled the right way. Also I misspelled her middle name in my original birth announcement for her on Facebook and it would be too embarrassing if I had to correct both first and middle name after the fact. I swear I do know how to spell the names I picked out for my own child!

3. We had a lot of firsts this week! First trip to Target, first play date, and first trip to the farmers market! Everywhere we take Ms E she stops traffic. Mainly because she's so teeny. But also because she is the most beautiful 3 week old in all the land. Everyone says so.

Today was the perfect morning to visit the farmers market. The weather here is gorgeous and warm and perfect for soaking up some Vitamin D. Now I just need to find a pair of baby sunglasses. Do you think they make them for newborn sized heads?


  1. Matt misspelled my middle name on Audrey's birth certificate! I can't decide if it's important enough to get changed. I think you get a free pass on things like that right after pushing out the baby (or supporting your wife, in Matt's case)

  2. Elliot is beautiful!! I love how alert she is! And she is teeny!! Wow...enjoy these moments. Soon she'll be big and crawling away from you for a game of chase! :) Congrats again Carlee!

  3. My name is wrong on both my birth certificate and SS card. It's too much of a hassle to fix it now so I just make sure it's right in my everyday life.

    She is so adorable! Loving her little face!

    I'm kinda jealous of your weather! Glad that you get to enjoy it though!

  4. Agreed: most beautiful 3 wk old! cc of photos sent to your Aunt Kari.


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