Human Trafficking.  Otherwise known as modern day slavery.  Everyone's heard about it, but no one wants to admit that it's happening right in our own backyard.  Me included.

Some of the news stories I've heard in the last 18 months, are the things that horror movies are made of. It literally makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear of a person that has become a victim of human trafficking. 

But I never thought I had any power to do anything about it.

A few years ago, I learned about Dressember. I thought it was just a fun way for women/girls to have an excuse to wear a dress everyday for a month. I remember thinking "Oh, that could be fun, if I actually liked wearing dresses...but I don't soo..."

This year, I learned that Dressember atually means something, and it's something amazing. Dressember is a fundraiser to stop human trafficking.  I have joined a team of amazing ladies to raise money to help those that have been victimized by human trafficking. I am not a dress wearer normally. But for this cause I will wear a dress for 30-days straight.

My goal is to raise $300.  Would you consider donating?  Donate Here

Also, if you're interested in learning more about this.  Here's the TED talk that got my attention.

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